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NICHOLS continues to improve every generation...from my father... to me, and now to my grandchildren......GO NICHOLS
Aaleya Koreishi
In honor of Coach Beth Stone
Beth Stone was and still is a fantastic coach and mentor. Lacrosse memories from Nichols are the best. Growing and achieving all-American status as a senior under her coaching is invaluable and still makes me proud to this day. Proud to call her a teacher, coach, mentor, friend. And remarkable that Beth still gives so much to so many student- athletes over the years! What a legacy.
Adam Greenberger
Aileen Corso
In honor of the teachers and staff, thank you for your dedication and student support. Special thanks to Dr. Maritime, Mr. Brown, Mr. Shelton, Dr. Collins, Ms. Achatz, Ms. Harden, Mr. Nolan, and Mr. Ring.
Alexandra Mathews
In memory of John & Marianne Sprague
Alexis & Jon Agnello
Alise Barrett
In honor of Beth Stone
Thank you to Beth for introducing me to the amazing game of lacrosse!
Amelida and Peter Weinmann
In honor of Nichols Teachers & Staff
Amy Martoche & Tim Hoover
In honor of All the Amazing Seventh Grade Teachers
Thank you to all the 7th grade teachers for your unwavering dedication to our kids. 💚🤍
Amy Stafford
Andrew Fors
Andrew Plager
Angela Campagna
In honor of 6th Grade Teachers and Staff at the Middle School
Anna Farber
Annmarie Cellino
Aranya Maritime
In honor of Susannah Finan
Ashley Dietrick
Go Green!
Austin Hoyt
Barney Walsh
Betsy Rollins
Birger Vanwesenbeeck
To all the amazing teachers, staff, and administrators!
Brian & Elizabeth Duffett
Brian & Kristen Griffin
In honor of Molly Gasuik
Thanks for all you do !!!
Caitlin Connelly
Caitlin Lovullo
Carolyn Koelmel
Carrie Van Epps
Catherine Castiglia-Chatwood
Catherine Kersey
I donate in honor of my parents, Ann and John Sessions, who gave me the gift of a Nichols education, their colleagues who taught me and the friends I made along the way.
Charles Stein
Cheryl Russell
We appreciate Coach RJ and his values-based coaching. We appreciate the coaching staff, managers and parents who pitch in to help out. Thank you also to the other Nichols students, staff and families who have welcomed our son into the Nichols family.
Chris Burner Nichols School
Great students, faculty and staff
Christopher Capalbo
Col.Ret. William Leed
In honor of Paul Seamons
Dave & Mary Pietrowski
In honor of Bella Stack
Dave Marshall
Dave Mayer
David Alexander
In honor of William (Bill) Sayenga
Deena Andrews
Delia Koeppen
Dillon Joseph
Go green!
Dominic DiTondo
Don Colpoys
Go, Vikings
Donald Ehre
Donna Kasza
Doug Hamill
Drew Radziwon
Dusty Clayton
Thanks to all the dedicated teachers, now and in the past, who so successfully prepare Nichols students to live their fullest lives.
Eleanor Chambers
Elizabeth Benedict
Elizabeth Benedict
In memory of Matthew Benedict
Elizabeth Viola
Emma Eddy
Eric Ward
In honor of Jim Swiatowy
Erin Cornelius
In honor of Jim Cammarata
Mr. C is the reason my son chose to come to Nichols and the reason it felt like home once he got there. Thanks for being you.
Erin Meehan
Evan Gallagher
In honor of The Ski Club Chaperones
Thank you all for the hard work of keeping Ski Club going. Jen you’re the hardest working woman in snow-business.
Frederick Pearce
George Pyron
Gregory Jordan
Habib Family Foundation
Hanna Gisel
Heather Brand
Thank you to the entire Nichols community for welcoming us, guiding us, and providing an unmatched environment for our boys to learn and grow!
Heidi Dent
Henry Chambers
Go big green.
Holly Eliza Jones
My son attends
Holly cercone
Jack Faso ‘13
Jacob Stark
Jacqueline Foster
Jake Zimmer
James Cammarata
In honor of George Kloepfer
Jamie Blair
Jamie Brown
Jamie Kelly
A wonderful community for students, parents, faculty and staff. Proud to be a part of it.
Jarrod Caprow
In honor of Josh & Kristin LeRoy and Family
Thanks to everyone in the Nichols School Community for everything that they do!
Jason Luna
Ms. Habelt has made this experience amazing for my son, JJ. She has gone above and beyond to say the least. Ms. Habelt has provided guidance and has a masterful gift of “explaining the most complex math problems in a very simple, understandable way” JJ has told me. Ms. Habelt is everything we hoped the Nichols experience would be and more. She has instilled confidence and made the experience enjoyable for JJ. Mrs. Howe was my son’s teacher and is now my daughter, Maya’s teacher. She guided JJ in his poetry writing and I am grateful that Maya also has an opportunity to benefit from Ms. Howe’s extraordinary teaching ability. Both Ms. Habelt and Mrs. Howe have a gift of leaving such a positive impression that will last a lifetime. It’s often been said that “a person may not always remember what someone said to them, but they will always remember how they were made to feel”. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful faculty at Nichols and I am truly grateful that Ms. Habelt and Mrs. Howe have left such lasting impressions on my children. I am truly grateful, and my children are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from each of them. Thank you!
Jay Mepani
Jennifer Aubrecht
Jennifer Cruz
In honor of Dr. Chui Sien Chan
Jessica Hapeman
In honor of Thomas McElvein ‘54
Jody Warner
Thank you Doc Rosenblum for your exceptional care and dedication to teaching and your students!
Joe Trapp
John Fox
In honor of Mimi Dow
Thank you Mrs. Dow for teaching me to enjoy the writing process!
John Soron
John Vance
Nichols will forever hold a special place in my heart. Made some life long friendships and memories there.
John Walsh
In memory of Sally and Jack Walsh
Jonathon Blumhagen
Joseph Priselac
Joseph Saffire & Nicole Michael
Joseph Walter
In memory of Raymond Walter
Josh Nussbaumer
Nichols was not only an incredible experience for myself, but it has proven to be just as important to my daughter Callaway as she heads off to college this year. Go Vikings!
Joshua Gibbons
Joyce & Stuart Angert '58
In honor of Larry Desautels
Julie Plata
Karen Camacho
Karen Mathews
In memory of John & Marianne Sprague
Karen Reeves
In honor of Evan Gallagher
Happy to be part of a great school and work with a great team!
Kari Achatz
The Arts Department, past and present, at Nichols have been incredible to work with as a colleague and as a parent. Thank you for making a difference in so many of our students lives!
Kate Roach and Kevin Hogan
Katelyn Bothwell
Kathleen Brady-Stepien
Kerry Bennett
In honor of Holly Kemp
With gratitude for Holly's dedicated work on behalf of all of the students and families at Nichols. We miss you!
Kevin Powers
In honor of Mary and Tim McCarthy
Kiersten Smith
In honor of Coach Printz
Thanks for being an amazing coach for our team!
Kristie Giaimo
Kristin & Josh LeRoy
Kristina Seiffert-Sinha
Kyle Resetarits
La Nova
Leah Hughes
In honor of Ms. Blue, Mr. Montesano, and Mr. Bryggman
Thank you for your inspiration, kindness, overall excellence, and for making learning fun!
Leah Lang
In honor of Mrs Hejna
She was my Advisory teacher, always supportive and encouraging!
Leah Mayer
Leah Mayer
Leah Mayer
Leah Mills
Leslie Garcia
In honor of In honor of the Advancement Team!
Lewis Hudnell
Liang Sun
In honor of The music department
Lily Wright
In honor of Ron Montesano - For putting on a great Bald for Bucks event!
Lindsay Hogan
In honor of Christine Roach
Louisa (Jerauld) Levine
In memory of Susan Shapiro
Marianne Lagutaine
Marie Zaccagnino
In memory of Maxwell J. Cywinski '14
Mark Roberts
In memory of Laura Schirri
Martha Bush
Mary Cummings Kopaskie
Mary Flanigan
In honor of Chelsy Collins who makes the Nichols experience extra amazing!
Mary Kate Morrow
Matt Angelakos
In honor of Stephanie Angelakos
Love you for ever and ever!
Matthew Miller
Matthew Roland
Maya Mollerus
Melissa Balbach
Melissa Jorgenson
In honor of the 7/8 middle school team members, who are always keeping class engaging and fun. Also in honor of those faculty involved in the Robotics programs. Your commitment to the kids is commendable!
Melissa Pope
In honor of Eulis Merle Cathey Jr. Class of 1971
Meredith Vivian
Michael & Angela Kelly
In honor of Mr. Cammarata & Coach Stewart
They have both had a positive impact on Stanley.
Michael Angelakos
Michael Blinkoff
Michelle Maccagnano
Molly & Marty Boscarino
In honor of Baseball Coaches Brian Brazee & Bob Maulucci for their commitment to the Nichols players and growing the program.
Molly Lambros
Go Green!
Montgomery Pooley
Nichols makes Western NY better... Nichols helped to make me better!
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Mollot
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Johnson Jr.
Nicholas Wagner
Nicole and Nick Tzetzo
Nicoletta Aliberto
Pamela O'Gorman
Patricia Hudson
Paul Rutecki
Paul Tourbaf
Peter Howell
Peter Wickman
Priscilla & JJ Bennett
R. Reed Stevens
In memory of Mr. Ed Williams, whose writing instruction still helps me today.
And thank you to the Class of 1980 and our officers, Kristen, Monty & Nelson. Thank for helping keep Nichols vital & strong.
Rachel Jackson
Rachelle Nurse
In honor of The 7th Grade Faculty
Thanks for your dedication, and all you do to enrich and inspire JoJo and all the 7th grade students!
Ramone Alexander
In honor of Ann Kern
Thank you for all you do, your consistent encouragement, and messages of hope.
Ramone Alexander
In honor of Cathy Barish
Thank you for your generosity, sharing your exquisite taste, and for always being so kind.
Rebecca & Jason Locke
Rebecca Braungart
In honor of Jen Clarey
For making me feel at home from the beginning and always brightening up my day with a smile!
Rebecca Mosher
Rick Diamond
We love Nichols and are happy to support all programs.
Rick and Darcy Zacher
Rob & Joy Gottschalk
Robert Childs
Robert Northway
Ryan Martin
Go green!
Sally Venditti
Thank you for continuing the make this school a wonderful place for kids to learn and grow.
Sara & Dan Wiese
In honor of The Nichols Advancement Team
Be proud of all the work and support you give to Nichols, it is all for the students, families, and alumni of this amazing school.
Sarah Jacobson
Sarah Washington
Sarah Washington
In honor of Roddy Potter and his dedication to the Nichols track program over the years.
Schmidt Family
In honor of all scholarship patrons, whose generosity makes a Nichols education a reality for so many students and families.
Scott Saperston
Sean Devlin
Simman Bajwa
Sonja Gallen-Kallela-Sirén
Spencer Bacon
Stephanie Bevilacqua
In honor of The 6th grade teachers and middle school staff
Thank you for all you do daily for the students and specifically for making our transition to Nichols such a wonderful one!
Stephen Teach
In honor of Richard Teach
Steven Nesbitt
Sue Zeller
In memory of G. Frederick Zeller, Jr.
Suhay Chhokar
Tami-Lyn Grys
In memory of Dr. Anne Claus a brilliant teacher who inspired my love of writing.
Tammy Aranyosi
Tara Zambito
Tatiana Migdal
In honor of Mr.D, Ms. Simmons, and Mr. Potter
I wouldn’t be where I am today without the confidence you helped me find
Taylor Pietrowski
The Angelakos-Kaimakliotis Family
Thomas Chambers
Thomas Hadala
Tina Rodriguez
Tony Puckhaber
Tyler Van Schoonhoven
In honor of Dirk Van Schoonhoven '72
Uzma Siddiqui
W. Richard Ohler
In honor of W. Richard Ohler, Jr.
My father, W. Richard Ohler, Jr., taught at Nichols from the fall of 1947 until his untimely death in March of 1972. As an English teacher and three-sport coach, he made an impact on hundreds of young men. As recently as last June, when the '68ers gathered for their 55th reunion, former students from the late '50s into the '60s and early '70s shared with me how valuable their time with Dad had been, both in the classroom and on the diamond, gridiron or in the rink. He regarded teaching as a calling, rather than a job. One of the perks of his job--salaries were rather less than generous in those days--was the privilege of sending me to Nichols tuition-free. I am more and more grateful as the years go by.
Will Bennett
In honor of Mr. Bosch and Mr. Ptak
Will Trafton
William "Jud" Weiksnar
In memory of Roger Coulombe
William Flor
William Loweth
In honor of Mike Keiser, '63
Nichols put me on the path for a wonderful life, and I've seen it do the same for so many others!
William Regan
Michele mehaffy
In honor of Mr. Cammarata
Thank you for being such a positive influence for your students!
Scott socha
In honor of the arts department
This is dedicated to the incredible Arts Faculty who enrich the minds, bodies, and souls of so many students.
I enjoyed my time there and want to ensure students continue to have the same experiences that I had.
In honor of All the Alumni who are a vital and valued part of the Nichols community and the essence of our foundation.
In honor of Ms. Gorton who works so hard and is an awesome advisor!
Go Nichols!
In honor of Chuck Ptak
Chuck Ptak has been a truly life changing influence, academically & personally on both of my sons as a teacher and advisor.

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